Does this story sound familiar?  Three and one half years after my initial "CO 9 sts", I bound off 1160....yes you read it correctly!  One thousand, one hundred sixty stitches!   (Wait.......isn't that almost the same as the number of days it took me to reach the celebrated bind off?)

I packed it up after I ran out of beads, and thought I'd get back to it right away......nope!  I even purchased the beads shortly after I packed it away, but never loaded them until Kathleen finished hers, and then the guilt was overwhelming!

It must have been good luck, pulling out the mound of stitches all balled up on needles with pink ends to assure the stitches would not find their way off the needles.....(if they did, I really would have to give up and tear out).  Good luck?  YES  I found a row counter (my favorite) for which I had been searching guessed it......3 1/2 years!  Yahoo!

As it was, I did need to "back up" my work to someplace I was sure I could pick up with fewer mistakes.....notice the word "fewer"....not NO mistakes!  I backed up by knitting backwards...because I would NEVER be able to take off the I did a lot of backing up, and as I did, I was reminded of those ungodly perms Mom used to give me as a child.....all curls, and all unruly!  Wool, however will forgive almost anything, and so......onward!  I was on the *k2tog, YO" for well for.....ever!  But alas, today, I finalized the years of drama, and with baited breath, and that's not easy for the two and one half hours it took me to bind off, I watched the pattern come to life, and I was amazed at the work I had done so many months before!  

And here it is!

Posted on March 27, 2015 .