Barbara and the computer

Here we are on a rainy day doing the computer work that really needs to be tended to..............but my contrary computer is really driving Barbara over the edge....................she has been half an hour writing thirty words!,!!this is necessary but painfull ......we would rather be washing wool, knitting, pulling our finger nails out...well maybe not the last one, anything but this. We need a secretary who actually likes this type of work.....

We are trying to put together a workshop getaway using our yummy Border Leicester yarns. We would also like to do this here at the farm....tea and scones and a wonderful class or support session . Once we both get through our sons weddings we can do this!

the lambs are growing like weeds as are the chickens my grandkids are raising here on the farm.....and after a very dry April June rains have turned the farm into an Eden of pasture, veggies and flowers....we love what we do here unless it is computer work!

Posted on June 9, 2015 .