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Glenfiddich Bartlett yarns are spun on the "woolen system". This yields a traditional home-spun appearance, softer twist and more loft than many other yarns.  The Bartlett Mill is located in Harmony, ME, and is the oldest continuously running mill in America.

Worsted Weight 2 ply Yarns - 210 Yards/Skein
4 stitches/in. #8 needles, 7 sts/in #10 needles

Sport Yarns - 1750 Yards/Cone  These are also available in 4 oz skeins. (Appx. 437 yd)
6 stitches/in. #3 needles

Bulky Yarns - 80 Yards/Skein
3.5 stitches/in. #10 needles

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